Creative Force/ The Joffrey Ballet in performance 1999

Music - John Zeretzke - Ray One (1999)
Choreography - Laura Dean

This is a 4 minute excerpt from the 15 minute ballet CREATIVE FORCE.
Used with the permission of the choreographer, composer and the company.

The choreography for CREATIVE FORCE was commissioned from Laura Dean by The Joffrey Ballet in 1999.

The music for CREATIVE FORCE was written especially for the ballet CREATIVE FORCE. The music was commissioned from John Zeretzke by The Joffrey Ballet in 1999. The name of the music is Ray One.


Performance at The Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Illinois in October 1999.

An excerpt of CREATIVE FORCE was used in the Robert Altman film THE COMPANY in 2003. It is the Neve Campbell flashback scene. The choreography, as seen in the film, was nominated for The American Choreography Award in 2004.

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