Tympani filmed for PBS in 1981

Used with the permission of Twin Cities Public Television/tpt.org

Aired in Feb. 1981 - Public Broadcasting System

Tympani was filmed for KTCA/PBS in October 1980.

Produced by Mark Lowry and Kathryn Esher. Directed by Chuck Waggoner.

Tympani was commissioned by Walker Art Center, The American Dance Festival and The Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1980.

Premiere: Laura Dean Dancers and Musicians, The Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis MN thru the auspices of Walker Art Center in 1980.

Music - Laura Dean
Choreography - Laura Dean


Dancers: Angela Caponigro, Ching Gonzalez, Sarah Brumgart, Perry Souchuk, Erin Matthiessen and Peter Healey. Musicians: Nurit Tilles, JT Thomas and David Yoken.

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